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By harnessing the skills of high quality Ex-Forces Instructors, Military Mentors specialise in providing top quality training to help young people achieve their goals in life, be they in the Armed Forces, Public Services or in any other employment, where respect, leadership and commitment are key requirements of their chosen role.

GeorgeThe British Armed Forces are often called the best in the world, but have you ever asked why this is? At Military Mentors we believe that such praise comes as a direct result of the extensive training Service personnel receive whilst in the Forces. We therefore only employ instructors who have a solid British Military background. Each one has proved themselves within their particular force, and this experience, skill and passion for excellence is now used to help others.

Military Mentors are linked to Fareham College. Our Flagship course is the ‘Forces Ready’ programme.

This is a full time 'College' course which is FREE for eligible students aged 16-19.


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 The course prepares young people for a career in the Armed Forces or Public Services. We liaise closely with Armed Forces Careers Offices and know exactly what is required to get aspiring soldiers, sailors and airmen through the stringent application process.   Ittakes about a year to complete and will qualify you in either a Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Services as well as several other useful qualifications if you give it your best shot. 

 There are NO EXAMS to gain these qualifications and STUDENTS GET EVERY FRIDAY OFF!!  See 'Our Programmes' for more details.

 At a time when the Armed Forces can afford to be very choosy about who they select, this course gives exactly what you need to get you into the Army, Navy or Air Force.

Hi-Qual-Pic-131201-2029 MILITARY MATTERSWithout appropriate training and mentoring, few Armed Forces applicants make the grade first time round. Therefore learners who complete the Forces Ready programme are much more likely to succeed. Additionally, they have a massive advantage when they join up, as their levels of fitness, discipline and military knowledge put them streets ahead of those who have had no training.
Whilst the course is also suitable for learners who want to greatly improve their chances of gaining employment in other fields, our focus is entry into the Armed Forces. To achieve this, the programme instils confidence, fitness, leadership, honour and integrity into the learners; all attributes which employers look for in their workforce.

In short, Military Mentors conduct our training with a smile on our faces and in the absolute belief that people who work hard and enjoy their learning experience will achieve their goals.


"The skills I learned at Military Mentors really did help me get through my initial training in the Army"

Emma - Private in the British Army and former Military Mentors student


We currently have a few places left for the new term! 


If you think you are on the wrong course at your current college we can help.  Many of our students have transferred from other colleges.

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Who are Military Mentors?

Military Mentors are Ex-British Forces men and women who have had successful military careers. They have a passion for teaching and mentoring young adults and now share their military training, expertise and experience with future generations.



Why Choose MM?

Would you go on a bricklaying course taught by someone who has never laid a brick? NO, now ask yourself this: would you go on a course designed to help get you into the Armed Forces or Uniformed Services that was taught by people who had NOT served in either?



Where is The MM Academy?

Military Mentors are situated next to the Bridgemary School, beside a brand new Astro-Turf football pitch.
We are in easy reach of both Gosport and Fareham by bike or Public Transport.




Corporate / Team building

 Military Mentors can provide a wide range of corporate team building and leadership focused events.  They can be tailored to suit the needs of each client and we can assist you in choosing what type of event would best fit your requirements.