Is the Forces Ready Course a proper College Course?

Yes!  The course you will be enrolled on will be either a Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Services. The difference between Military Mentors and other colleges is that we run it using military routines and ex-military personnel.  We work hard in the week, do sport and fitness training every day and have every Friday off.  What other colleges can offer that? 


Why Choose Military Mentors?

1aWould you go on a bricklaying course taught by a Traffic Warden?  If the answer is NO ask yourself this: would you go on a course designed to get you into the Armed Forces that was taught by Instructors who had NOT served in Army, Navy or Air Force?

All of our Instructors have operational front line military experience, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or numerous other countries.  We are now waiting to help you achieve your goals.

What about progressing into the work place?

Military Mentors have great links with the local Armed Forces and Careers Offices.  We know exactly what it takes to ensure that you are given the best possible chance of getting into the Forces or the job you want.  We work hard on your fitness, leadership and confidence, which is what most employees are looking for but what many people struggle with. Should the Forces not be for you, the skills and qualifications you will achieve will considerably enhance your CV.

LONDON 4Will I meet serving members of the Armed Forces?

Yes!  You will regularly meet serving members of the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines, who offer displays and presentaions at our Training Academy. You will have the opportunity to ask them  questions and hear all about their careers.

Can I try it out first?

You are more than welcome to give any of our programmes a try before you decide if you would like to continue.  Dependent upon which programme you are thinking about, you can come for an hour, a day or the week if you want.  It won’t cost you a penny.  We offer this option as it is not in anybody’s best interest to be on a programme you don’t like or are not suited for.

What Qualifications do I need?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to join but you will need to show commitment.  If you put in the effort the rewards will follow. We take the job helping you progress into employment very seriously. Your success is our success.


I'm not very happy with the course I'm on at the moment.  Can I join Military Mentors now or do I have to wait till September?


You can join NOW!  Some of our best students have joined from College courses that they have found that they are not really suited for.  If you are having second thoughts about the course you are on then please give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss your situation. Better still, pop in for a look around and ask as many questions as you want.  What have you got to lose?


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Who are Military Mentors?

Military Mentors are Ex-British Forces men and women who have had successful military careers. They have a passion for teaching and mentoring young adults and now share their military training, expertise and experience with future generations.



Why Choose MM?

Would you go on a bricklaying course taught by someone who has never laid a brick? NO, now ask yourself this: would you go on a course designed to help get you into the Armed Forces or Uniformed Services that was taught by people who had NOT served in either?



Where is The MM Academy?

Military Mentors are situated next to the Bridgemary School, beside a brand new Astro-Turf football pitch.
We are in easy reach of both Gosport and Fareham by bike or Public Transport.




Corporate / Team building

 Military Mentors can provide a wide range of corporate team building and leadership focused events.  They can be tailored to suit the needs of each client and we can assist you in choosing what type of event would best fit your requirements.