Forces Ready Programme

The Forces Ready Programme incorporates a Level 1 or 2 Level Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Sevices and an extensive fitness programme designed to get you to the level of fitness required to get into the Armed Forces.  This is a very active 'college' course which lasts about a year.  We run a rolling programme so you can join at any time and offer an  extensive enrichment programme which is not available at any other college. This includes:


  • Planning and conducting a military style ‘Hostage Rescue’ exercise.
  • Sport, fitness and physical training every day to ensure you pass your Forces Fitness Test first time. 
  • navy-boats-in-portsmouthMake camp in a forest area, living out of tents, cook on a camp fire, carry out night exercises and engage with the ’enemy’.
  • Visits around HM Warships
  • Trips to Military Bases and shows
  • Outdoor challenges against other colleges
  • Briefing by Army Infantry Machine Gunner
  • Briefing by serving Royal Marine Commandos
  • Presentation by RAF Recruiting Team
  • Fitness training taken by Royal Navy Physical Training Instructors
  • Briefings by Royal Navy Police and Special Investigations Branch
  • Practical demonstrations by Royal Navy Police including fingerprinting, self defence. handcuffing
  • Demonstration and briefing by RAF Police Dog handler (briefing by handler – not dog!)
  • Tour Scenes of Crime Unit with an in depth briefing by qualified CSI
  • Briefing and demonstration by Royal Navy Clearance Divers
  • Visit to Close Protection Unit with in depth briefing by qualified Close Protection Officer
  • Briefing by a qualified sniper with demonstration of camouflage techniques. (You won’t see him at first, even though he will be less than 20 yards away!)
  • Fund raising for wounded servicemen with Help for Heroes
  • Assisting victims of the Philippines typhoon
  • Being guests at Military Passing Out Parades
  • Visit to Territorial Army (TA) Centre with briefings about how to join the TA
  • Briefing by a qualified Bomb Disposal Expert with demonstration of bomb disposal techniques. (Find out how difficult and scary this is!)

There is of course classroom work to be done to ensure that you get your qualifications, but we try our very best to ensure that this is kept only to what you need.

A typical week in the timetable is below.

DAY Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri
9.00 Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Self Study Day Breakfast Club Breakfast Club
9.30-10.00 Roll call & Parade Roll call & Parade   Roll call & Parade Roll call & Parade
10.00-10.45 Literacy Numeracy   Literacy Royal Navy Briefing
10.45-11.00 Break Break   Break Break
11.00-11.45 Sniper Briefing Hostage Rescue Planning   Teamwork Training Confidence Building
11.45-12.30 Map reading Navigation   ICT Job Search Tactics
12.30-13.15 Lunch Lunch   Lunch Lunch
13.15-14.00 CV writing Interview training   Looking after kit Friday Fun Sport
14.00-14.15 Break Break   Break Break
14.15-15.15 Sport and fitness training Sport and fitness training   Sport and fitness training Tidy Academy. Awards.  Look forward to next week Home
15.15-16.00 Team Debrief of day’s events.  Tidy Academy.  Last Parade.  Home Team Debrief of day’s events.  Tidy Academy.  Last Parade.  Home   Team Debrief of day’s events.  Tidy Academy.  Last Parade.  Home  

What will you achieve?
If you sign up for the ‘Forces Ready’ programme and work hard, show the right attitude and commitment, you can expect to achieve the following:


  • A Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Services
  • An Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification
  • A Military Leadership Award
  • A superb fitness level which is designed to enable you to pass your Army, Navy or Air Force Fitness Test at the first attempt
  • A formal appraisal from Military Mentors to the Armed Forces Careers Office or your prospective employer.


The course is designed to get you into the Armed Forces. You will get out of the programme what you put in. You will make new friends and develop new skills on the way.  By the time you leave people will notice the difference in you. It’s all good for those who want it enough. Do you?


If you are serious about joining the Army, Navy, Air Force or Royal Marines any of the uniformed Public Services, you should apply to join Military Mentors. 


Who are Military Mentors?

Military Mentors are Ex-British Forces men and women who have had successful military careers. They have a passion for teaching and mentoring young adults and now share their military training, expertise and experience with future generations.



Why Choose MM?

Would you go on a bricklaying course taught by someone who has never laid a brick? NO, now ask yourself this: would you go on a course designed to help get you into the Armed Forces or Uniformed Services that was taught by people who had NOT served in either?



Where is The MM Academy?

Military Mentors are situated next to the Bridgemary School, beside a brand new Astro-Turf football pitch.
We are in easy reach of both Gosport and Fareham by bike or Public Transport.




Corporate / Team building

 Military Mentors can provide a wide range of corporate team building and leadership focused events.  They can be tailored to suit the needs of each client and we can assist you in choosing what type of event would best fit your requirements.