Schools Awayday / Placements and Alternative Provision

054-DSC06921School Awaydays / Placements and Alternative Provision


Should you feel that a student would benefit from full days with Military Mentors, we also can offer an 'Awayday' service at the Military Mentors Training Academy in Gosort. 


If you think that any of your learners might benifit from this we would be happy to discuss details and arrangements.

As with the Schools Outreach programme, the first session is free of charge to ensure you are happy with the arrangement. Termly / periodic written progress reports on each individual learner can be requested at no extra cost. To find more detains please see our Day Students page.


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"Since attending Military Mentors we have seen a huge improvement in our son's attitude and fitness.  Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.  It works! Thank you"


Mother of a Day Student at Military Mentors



Who are Military Mentors?

Military Mentors are Ex-British Forces men and women who have had successful military careers. They have a passion for teaching and mentoring young adults and now share their military training, expertise and experience with future generations.



Why Choose MM?

Would you go on a bricklaying course taught by someone who has never laid a brick? NO, now ask yourself this: would you go on a course designed to help get you into the Armed Forces or Uniformed Services that was taught by people who had NOT served in either?



Where is The MM Academy?

Military Mentors are situated next to the Bridgemary School, beside a brand new Astro-Turf football pitch.
We are in easy reach of both Gosport and Fareham by bike or Public Transport.




Corporate / Team building

 Military Mentors can provide a wide range of corporate team building and leadership focused events.  They can be tailored to suit the needs of each client and we can assist you in choosing what type of event would best fit your requirements.